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Edition 3 April 3, 2021

The Election Action in the South


Election time in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry – at present the stormy political playground of the South. The heat is on. Here is a summary of all the action.

All three states go to poll on April 6, 2021 in a single phase. The results will be out on May 2, 2021. There are 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu, 140 seats in Kerala and Puducherry UT has 30 seats, a total of 405 assembly seats. These seats are spread over a combined area of 169,398 Sq. km. Compare that with polling in West Bengal where the voting for 294 assembly seats is in eight phases spread over a month (March 27 – April 29, 2021). Area of West Bengal is 88,750 Sq. Km.

Since the election process is in progress, we cannot to speculate about the election results. Here are the snapshots of the three states as a ready reference.

May the best man/lady win.

Tamil Nadu



Election Talk by famous personalities –

Prime Minster Narendra Modi in Kerala – “LDF betrayed Kerala for a few pieces of gold like Judas did.”

Joyce George, former MP CPI(M) on Rahul Gandhi – Gandhi would visit only women’s colleges and the girls should be “cautious” while dealing with the former Congress President. “Girls never bend down in front of him.. he is an unmarried trouble maker.” His comments were deplored all round including the Chief Minister who said that “We will oppose him politically, not personally.” George later apologized for his comments.

Rahul Gandhi – “Recently, I was talking to some students in the United States and I said that I really enjoy going to Kerala and really I love going to Wayanad. It’s not just the affection, because affection of course is there, but it’s the way you do your politics.”

Amit Shah – “I am sad that I cannot talk to you in Tamil that is one of the oldest and sweetest languages of India. I seek your forgiveness.”



While on the southern election trip, let’s talk about Wayanad – one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the Nilgiris.

If you wish to drive down, it’s a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Mysore covering 125 km. The area also boasts of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Mudumalai forests. A detour to see these places would be worth the effort and time. The nearest airport is Kozhikode.

I would prefer the monsoon season when incessant rains add a mystic beauty to the hilly forests. The beauty of Wayanad is endless and one can easily spend couple of weeks in the hills. The region is full of lakes and water falls.

We leave you with some stunning photos from Wayanad.

Phantom Rock – Image:
Image: The Better India

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